Precision Genealogical Tools

Precision Genealogical Tools

Suitable for beginners and professional genealogists alike,...

Suitable for beginners and professional genealogists alike, this software's aim is to improve the accuracy of Genealogical research by presenting information in a way that shows up many common errors.

The program engenders the use of correct procedures for researching, namely the separation of recorded events and their interpretation. The product has a sample family tree (of the Royal Family) which can be edited, giving scope for many educational uses.

The program has facilities to enter in Births, Marriages, Deaths, Census, and Miscellaneous data and to record the source of information. Information is linked together to build a Diary of an Individual or a Family, a visual way to spot inconsistencies, which can be printed or uploaded directly to the web in PDF format, with HTML indexes.

An FTP facility is built in making Web publishing simpler. Copies of information contained in Certificates are similarly treated, adding credence to the Researcher's efforts.

Informant and Witness information is utilised by binding assumptions made into Diaries. Backtracking is simple if an assumption is wrong, links are severed but the original recorded information is left intact.

The program will either not allow records to be linked where doing so would cause an inconsistency, such as a mother born after her children, or warn of a problem, such as a person marrying after their death.

If privacy is an issue, all data exported from the program is encrypted. The program can import GED data and will report on inconsistencies found, but will leave the data intact for it to be worked on.

Floating events are allowed where the user is unsure of a person's date of birth, the program will automatically calculate min and max years an event can take, using information from Births Marriages, Deaths and Census records and to show what calculations were made to arrive at the dates shown.

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Precision Genealogical Tools


Precision Genealogical Tools

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